Notice of Out of Field Teachers

Dear Parents or Guardians:

According to Florida Statute 1012.42, we must notify parents of students who are being taught by out of field teachers prior to the 2016-2017 school year.  A teacher is out of field until the coverage/endorsment for a class that he or she is teaching is issued by the state of Florida.  In addition, the certification and/or endorsement must appear on his or her teacher certificate.  Individuals who are teaching out of field are certified in at least on area and are qualified to teach, but are required to take additional course work or testing to add a coverage/endorsement to thier certificate.

Please contact the school, 850-762-3121, if you need further clarification.

The following teachers have agreed to teach out of field while completing course work and/or testing.

Kennesse Dew-M/J Language Arts

Ashley Everett-M/J Language Arts

BMS Out of Field Teachers